Thursday, 12 October 2017

Best 9 Useful Kotlin Features for Android Development

Kotlin is the most recent and powerful language that overcome several problems suffered by Android developers using Java such as verbosity of source code and run time exceptions and many others. It is very simple to get started and developers can also introduce it into existing projects.
Kotlin is a the latest open source programming language for Java Virtual machine enables streamlining Android Development in more efficient way. It can compile to JavaScript Source code also. It is very similar to Java in structure such as it is a statically typed and object oriented as well as designed for similar problems that java solve. However, Kotlin comprises several superior features, simpler syntax and concepts from functional programming, it has many more enrichment compared to Java. 
Kotlin as a language has a lot of similarities to Java in structure — it's object oriented and statically typed, and designed for similar problems Java solves. But because it's a clean slate in many ways, Kotlin adds a lot of nice-to-have features, a much cleaner syntax, ideas from functional programming.
To Read Complete Top 9 Kotlin programming Language Features for Android App Development & Understand Basic Syntax as well Functions Here 

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

SEO Trends that will help you stay ahead in 2017

Strategies used for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are evolving, and to keep up with the competition one needs to find out what works and what doesn’t. What’s trending in terms of SEO? That’s a good question to ask now and then. While some SEO techniques have been used for several years, there will be many new ones that you have to pay attention to. Take a look at these nine to help you stay ahead this year.


Infographics grab people’s attention. An image coupled with information tends to stay in the minds of readers. Such content also generates more social shares and also generates leads. Of course, your content should also be suitable enough to add infographics to it. You can always try to generate and experiment with such content. Once you find it interactive, use infographics that are effective.

Long-form content

Long-form content gets more online visibility than a standard blog pot. This type of content will typically contain 1000 to 2000 words and could even increase to 10,000. Long-form content has been observed to have higher ranking and quality. So marketers now aim to create two to three long posts rather than five to six short ones.

Social media

A major part of branding relies on social media marketing.  The amount of engagement prevalent on social media platforms daily is massive. Consumers will continue to resort to social media for reviews and updates, thus building traffic.

Mobile-first strategies

With so many mobile-friendly users, it becomes crucial to adopt mobile-first strategies. It is worth the effort to make your site attractive to mobile users. Google has constantly been bringing out features that support mobile-only functions.

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

More brands are using this option as Google also has begun to favour the use of AMP. It contains three sections – AMP HTML, AMP JS, and Google AMP Cache. Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP) allows websites to make pages equipped for loading right away onto the mobile.

Quality content

Nowadays people are bored of reading the same content that is worded differently in multiple places. The better the quality of your content, the better your website ranks.

Blog comments

Commenting on blogs is a very old strategy and will continue to trend in 2017. Blog comments are an effective way to get backlinks as well. They also have the power to bring high traffic to the website without using any search engine. But do ensure that all the comments posted add value.

No company can function without enough visibility, and SEO can help reel in the traffic.  Now is the right time to prepare a well-developed strategy to survive in the market and beat the competition.

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Why Hire SEO Experts?

As you go through different articles and tutorials regarding SEO practices, you might think that you have learnt enough about SEO. But, it is actually not the case. It’s not the piece of cake. There are a lot more things to SEO than you can read and learn. And, therefore, it makes it necessary for a companyto go for professional SEO services. There are many benefits of going for search engine optimization experts. Professionals follow all the best techniques and methods that help boost the ranking of your website. They work on each and every SEO related requirement of your website and thus invest in whatever is needed to improve the ranking of the website. Experts know the continuous updates of search engine’s algorithms and work accordingly. 

There are more benefits of going for SEO experts. You cannot learn SEO practices overnight. It requires much more time. But, when you hire SEO experts, you save a lot of time and get instant results. Moreover, search engine optimization corporations use skill analytics. They use tools and software that are crucial for understanding the appropriate methods for the website. Skilled SEO analytics are big-ticket and hard to use. It makes it very important for you to hire SEO firm. Also, experts help you save money and provide quality services. 

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Thursday, 3 November 2016

An Overview of Sales Force Development and its origins

Origins of sales force development –   

The origins of sales force development can be traced back during the early 1990s when the first major steps towards the development of a true Customer Relationship Management or CRM software was being conceptualized by the software developers and programmers. The early innovators like Brock Control Systems helped in pushing up the evolution of contact management software towards Sales Force Automation (SFA). This SFA involved imbibing many features of database marketing and then automating them and then combining them with contact management.

By the mid of 1995, the SFA and contact management evolved resembling modern CRM software with the last half of the decade bringing huge changes to the CRM industry. The emergence of, Inc in 1999 as a major Software as a Service (SaaS) vendor under the leadership of Marc Benioff eventually grew as a SaleForce Development Company that rivaled with CRM industry giants like Siebel Systems.

The rise of 

However, the dot com bubble during the early 2000s hit the e-CRM Vendors the hardest leading to the emergence of a more comprehensive CRM systems that are capable of managing all business relationships. In 2007, Salesforce created a major breakthrough in CRM industry by introducing to the world cloud based CRM that addressed the need for customization over the cloud. The Salesforce tools as a CRM of this Sales Force Development Company are providing web based applications that are allowing companies to share information related to their sales efforts in the form of sales leads, customer information and customer interaction.

The cloud based and SaaS CRM solutions are to this day are continuing to integrate the more features like customer service and social CRM and are gaining popularity due to their lower costs and an easy integration with mobile devices. as a Sales Force Development Company has established itself as best known vendor for its CRM products. During the early decades of 2000, earned fame as the most highly valued cloud computing company in United States of America with a market capitalization of around $50 billion.

In recent years, is focusing on low code development solutions with a mix of developer platforms with the release of their cloud based development platform App Cloud App Mobile. This cloud mobile app is a mobile app focused on set of tools with a mix of target audiences that add up to a way of building front and back end tools working with Salesforce’s data platform and APIs while taking advantage of Heroku PaaS.

Saturday, 15 October 2016

How Ficode Become a Foremost Software Development Company in UK?

The world today is getting digital. Every small business is moving towards the World Wide Web for marketing their services and products. It has brought a tough competition among the seller's around the world to make revenue. For this, a well developed website is required which would look after all such Web related solutions.

We Ficode Technologies Limited is a leading software development company. With the help of a professional team of designers, we give you each and every benefit for your dream web design.

A quick look at our efficient services: 

Web development :- Only designing a website is not enough. The Web design should also be managed accordingly. We at Ficode technologies Ltd help you with an advanced Web development service to increase your customer count. With the help of digital Web application development services, we convert your imagination into an efficient design which is easy to use and attractive.

Mobile Application Development :- Only Web development is not enough. The use of mobile phones has also created a necessity to develop certain software or applications which would help you continue your business without computer or laptop. We have an expertise team with a vast experience in mobile applications development. With the use of technology such as Java, Adobe Dreamweaver, Microsoft Visual Studio, Eclipse, Flash, Silverlight, ASP.NET, PHP, etc. we help you with the best mobile applications for iPhone, iOS, Android and Windows and much more.  

Salesforce Development :- We give the best Salesforce Development services that help your business to develop, extend and integrate at a time. No matter you are dealing with products, sales, services, or any other business, our expert salesforce development team gives to a great job with the latest t such as cloud, apex, visual force, and much more.

E-Commerce Development :- An important service given by any software development company is the E-Commerce solutions. The trend of shopping online for any product or service is getting speedy. With the help of an online cart, you can sell and market products to your targeted audience easily and earn high revenues. A well developed, easy to use and secure gateway payment developed E-Commerce website gets the attraction of various customers with minimum cost.

Search Engine Marketing :-  Just creating a website does not bring customers to your site. The content should be very well search optimized. It should be capable enough to hit clicks and that happens with the help of the best SEO friendly services. The content should be made catchy with several keywords used efficiently that strike on the Google with a quick click. For this we provide expertise Google search engine optimization services, organic search engine optimization services and social media optimization services to give you the appropriate optimized website.

Bespoke Development :- With a professional and experienced team of bespoke development services we develop and design well custom software for business. We develop software’s that ensure the accuracy of the data fed in the system by the working staff. This also provides reliable data output tiny out which helps in the development of your company.  The software would be build with your actual investment, would be adoptable and easy to use.

With the help of a successful and eligible designer team, we have several branches, which have made us a successful software development company in UK. With the help of several affordable packages you can select the best suitable design and development service for you company and head a step forward to developing your business. So take a visit to our designs and avail b the benefit of early revenues with ease.